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It is the policy of the Calhoun County School District that all of its students and school employees have an educational setting that is safe, secure and free from harassment and bullying of any kind.

Anonymous Online Bullying and Harassment Form

Calhoun County School District Bullying or Harassment Reporting Form

Note: Fields marked with an * are required.

Any student, parent, or employee can report bullying or harassment by talking to an administrator or completing this form and returning it to an assistant principal or principal.  For anonymous reporting, this form will not collect any data regarding identity.

Section 1: Victim Information

Please provide information regarding the victim below.

Section 2: Alleged Bully Information

Please provide information regading the alleged bully in the following question.

Section 3: Previous Incidents

If you have been bullied or harassed prior to this incident, continue answering questions in this section. Otherwise, mark the next question YES, then skip to the next section.

Section 4: Incident Details

Please answer the following question providing details regarding this incident.

Where did the incident occur?
Choose the statement(s) that best describes what happened (choose all that apply) *

Section 5: Incident Reporter Details (optional)

If you would like to remain anonymous, you may skip this section. Otherwise, please continue.