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The Calhoun County School District is dedicated to the total and continuous development of each student. The Student Progression Plan for Calhoun County School District provides school personnel, parents/guardians, students and other interested citizens the administrative procedures necessary to implement state legislative and local student progression requirements.

The purpose of the instructional programs in Calhoun County School District is to provide appropriate instruction and selected services to enable all student to perform academically at their expected level or higher.  In recognition of the wide range of students’ abilities, motivation, interests, and development, the Student Progression Plan for Calhoun County District schools establishes procedures that are to be implemented to provide each student with the opportunity to succeed in school. Included within this plan are policies and procedures relative to enrollment, promotion, retention, accelerated placement, transfers, instructional programs, acceleration programs, extended year programs, dropout prevention programs, student assessment and exceptional student education.

Parents, faculty, staff and administrative personnel are encouraged to become familiar with the contents of this plan.  Recommendations for future changes are encouraged from all concerned.  The administrative staff at all schools and the district office is available to receive any questions or concerns connected with the policies or procedures presented.