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Chromebook and Clever Login

1. When you first turn on the Chromebook, you will see a page that says "this device is managed by".  When you see this page, click on SIGN IN WITH A DIFFERENT ACCOUNT

2. Enter the account And click next (it is the student’s legal first name and last name, no hyphens or apostrophes)
3. Enter the password (lunch# 2 times) If you do not know this number, please contact your child’s school.
4. Next you will see the Clever log in page. Choose “log in with Google.”
5. Either enter the same account info or click on your child’s name. Whichever choice is provided.
6. You should now be logged in to Clever.

Update Chromebook

Use the link below if you get a message saying that your browser is not supported.

Chromebook Update