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Register Your Account in Parent Square

We encourage all parents to register your account in ParentSquare in order to be able to fully communicate with your child's school, administrators, and teachers. You can either download the ParentSquare App or go to and input the required information.

If you receive an error message and are not able to register your account, this typically means that the information we have in Focus does not match what you entered. You need to contact your school's data entry clerk to confirm that your contact information in Focus is correct.

If You Do Not See All of Your Children in Your ParentSquare Account

 PARENTS: To add a child or school,

  • You must contact your school(s) directly to update your contact information. Ensure you have the same email and phone number on file for all children and all schools in Focus.
  • Contact data is managed, updated and controlled by your school (or district) through Focus, ParentSquare syncs with this information but cannot edit or change it.

We sync with the school databases nightly. 1-2 business days after the change is made at your school, you should be able to log out and log back in to ParentSquare to see your updated information.

ParentSquare For Staff and Teachers

Staff Members who are also Parents

If you are a staff member and a parent, multiple accounts will be created for you if you have a staff email account on your staff record and a personal email address on your parent record. You have two choices: 

  1. A staff member can choose to have two ParentSquare accounts, one with their staff email address used for the teacher/staff account, and a personal email address used for the parent account. 
  2. A staff member can have one ParentSquare account with only one email address: some districts require this email to be district-issued. Please check with your school district.

To have one account:

  1. Contact your child’s school to update your contact information in Focus to your staff email address. Verify that each of your children have the same email address and mobile phone number listed for you.
  2. Delete your ParentSquare user account(s) that does not have the correct email address (choose “Delete” when accessing your account in ParentSquare). 
  3. Your account will be corrected when we sync with the SIS. If the contact information has been made consistent across accounts in the SIS and the ParentSquare account(s) with the incorrect contact information have been deleted, then when we sync, your associations will be pulled into one ParentSquare account.

STAFF: if the process didn’t work and you have made certain information matches in all accounts, you can submit a request that we merge your staff and parent accounts:

  • Email the following to your name, the school(s) at which you have accounts, and your staff email address and phone number to use on the merged account.