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Affordable College Savings

We know the cost of college, no matter how far off, can seem overwhelming. Yet as a committed parent, you want to make sure your child has all the tools they need – both academic and financial – to succeed in life. 

Our partner, Florida Prepaid College Savings Plans, wants the same for your child. That’s why Florida Prepaid is encouraging families to start saving for college by joining them in the journey. 


When you enroll in a Florida 529 Prepaid Plan now through April 30, 2022, you’ll earn $125 for each year of college or university purchased - up to $500 total. 


Prepaid Plans are the risk-free, stress-free way to save for college – allowing you to lock in future tuition costs for less.


  • Covers tuition and most fees; optional dormitory plan available
  • Choose the plan to fit your budget; Florida Prepaid manages the rest
  • Risk-free plans are guaranteed by the State of Florida
  • Set payment schedule (monthly, 5-year, lump sum)


Saving for college is one of the many important steps you can take to secure your child’s future. Florida Prepaid is here to help you make that possible.