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About the District

The Calhoun County School District has a rich heritage of educational excellence and outstanding student achievement. Our faculty and staff are engaged in equipping our students for a bright future,including both college and career opportunities. As Superintendent of Schools, I expect our staff to be responsive and proactive in assisting our students to be prepared for their next steps for success in life and to be productive citizens in today's society.

Ours is a mission of extreme importance. I firmly believe we are helping shape the future of our community, state and Nation by the daily investments into the lives of our students. Together, with the collective efforts of our staff, partnerships with the business community and with the involvement of parents, the Calhoun County School District is Growing, Achieving, and Succeeding.

Calhoun County School District strives to be a world class school system; preparing today's students for tomorrow's world.


Calhoun County School District is committed to excellence, ensuring that each student achieves his or her highest potential in a global society.